Senin, 06 Juli 2009

Curse Village

Developer: belugerin
site: Belugerin
Genre: Action survival horor
Size: 12.98 MB

Curse Village

An action defense game where you fight against waves of the undead.

The world is being invaded by blood-thristy zombies. In a brave attempt to save your village you're fighting back to keep the undead behind the barricades. There's no escape, fight back or become one of them!

Game Instructions
Defend your village in 30 levels from the invading zombies.
Use the [1 .. 6] numeric keys to select a weapon. Mouse-click to use the selected weapon.

- Use the [1 .. 6] hotkeys to quickly change between weapons
- Build barricades before hiring survivors
- Kill multiple zombies at once with the verticle melee weapons (axe, light-saber), handy when they crowd before the barricades!
- Range weapons are best used against small zombies, large zombies can be easily killed by melee weapons
- Use the laser gun only in critical conditions
- The maximum barricade (wire barricade) is vital for surviving in later levels


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