Kamis, 27 September 2012

Clash of the Race

Developer: Belugerin
Design: Arief Raditya P (Belugerin)
Programmer: Arief Raditya P (Belugerin)
Artist(s): Awaken Dreams Studio
Music: Kevin MacLeod, http://www.incompetech.com
Site: Belugerin
Genre: Strategy games
Size: 9.73 MB

Clash of the Race

Four races, Ghosts, Cyborgs, Aliens and Humans were here for the dignity and status as the best race on the earth, they will fight it out in Clash of the Race, the glory of his race is an honor to be fought to the death, and you will decide who's the best!

During World Map:
Click on city to select.
Click attack city to attack enemy cities.
Click move city to move units to another cities.
Click upgrade to upgrade units and base.

During Battle:
Click units to train or use [1..7] hotkeys.
[Left/Right arrows] or [A]/[D] to scroll the map.
Press [P] to pause the game.

Hack Information
Keyhacks: [Z] Gold - [X] Base health - [C] Upgrade points

Clash of the Race Clash of the Race

HackedArcadeGames (hacked)


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