Minggu, 08 Juli 2012

Wonderland Cosa Nostra

Programmer: Afifudin mahdan, Mahdi Bashrono Rizal
Developer: Stellar-0+Elven Tales
Artwork: Lazcht, kodoktua
Music: clea leshlick, ittou
Site: Stellar-0, Elven Tales
Genre: Flash Shooter+Defense Game
Size: 9.23 MB

Wonderland Cosa Nostra

A wondrous scrolling-shooter and defense hybrid game, served with fresh (yet classic) style and fluid animations. Protect the cute little boss; Raffles, from bad monsters with your LIMITED savings! Money management, decision making, awareness are the key to beat the challenges!

Protect Raffles while she travels the Wonderland.
Destroy anyone or anything who disturbs her.
4 soldier units will guard Raffles from 4 directions, controllable independently.
4 powerful Specials at your disposal, use them wisely and the game's yours.

W/A/S/D : Select Guardian
1/2/3/4 : Hire Guardian
F1/F2/F3/F4 : Skill Use
Left Click : Commanding guardian to attack enemy

Variation of 3 Melee and 3 Ranged bodyguard units for hire.
Lots of Upgrades.
Exclusive original Graphics, Musics, and Sound Effects.
Unique gameplay combination, simple yet deep and challenging.
Carefully balanced and tested to ensure quality gaming time spent.
Exciting enemy waves and tight Bossfights.
Highly artistic and polished game.
20 Stages and 18 Achievements to clear.

Wonderland Cosa Nostra



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