Senin, 09 Januari 2012

Chain Soldier

Developer: belugerin
Programmer: Arief Raditya Purwanto (belugerin)
Artist: Awaken Dreams Studio
Music: Kevin MacLeod
site: Belugerin
Genre: Flash Infection Game
Size: 2.54 MB

Chain Soldier

Create havoc, use bombs, powerups, and other tools to turn green soldiers into massive destructions!

Your mission is to kill all green soldiers, click on them to turn into red soldiers, create havoc, upgrades your tools to make more destructions, use bombs, traps, double infect, gold net, and more upgrades. Try to beat 12 levels.

Basic control
Click on any soldiers to infect them and make havoc.
Move mouse to gold to collect it, gold used to upgrade.
Press Key 1 to use normal infect.
Press Key 2 to use trap (unlock first).
Press Key 3 to use bomb (unlock first).

There is 3 type of color:
Green, you must kill all green soldiers.
Red, they kill green soldiers.
Blue, anti red, they kill red soldiers.

There is 5 type of soldier:
Swordsman, melee type, only infect from near.
Archerman, range type, releases arrows that can infect.
Horseman, same as swordsman, but faster.
Gunman, same as archerman, but make explosive effect.
Bomberman, same as swordsman, but make explosive effect.


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