Selasa, 18 Oktober 2011

Heroes Battle 3

Developer: Belugerin
Artwork: Awaken Dreams Studio
Music: Kevin MacLeod
Site: Belugerin
Genre: Flash Strategy Game
Size: 6.28 MB, 6,19 MB (hacked)

Heroes Battle 3

The most epic battle in the Heroes Battle, now you can select 4 heroes and conquer the world! Thousands of warriors are fight for world domination! Myth Wars, Battle Gear, Humaliens, Age of Defense, and a new comers: Pirates of Heroes Land, who's the winner?

Move mouse to the edge of screen to scroll map, buy in-game upgrades to defeated your enemies, click game speed button: "1", "3", "5" to speed up the game.

There are 6 spells in this game, use it only at crucial moments: Live++ (increase lives), Range++ (increase ranges), Damage++ (increase damages), Reinforcement (call new warriors to the battlefield), Curse Enemy (curse enemy units), and Immortal (infinite lives).

* Remember that all spells can only be used once per game.

Hacked version
-Huge initials of Upgrade Points
-No units limit
-Specials available for each battle

Heroes Battle 3Heroes Battle 3
Heroes Battle 3Heroes Battle 3

Belugerin, Belugerin (Hacked Version)
Hacked Arcade Games (Hacked Version)

Mediafire, Mediafire (hacked)

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