Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

Puzzle Brawler

Developer: SoybeanSoft
Designer: Guntur Sarwohadi
Programmer: Guntur Sarwohadi
Artwork: Eri Setiyono
Site: SoybeanSoft
Genre: Flash Bejeweled Game
Size: 2.73 MB

Puzzle Brawler

Crush your enemies in this brawl of the brains!
Take your opponent down before he knocks you out! Click a square cluster of 4 gems to rotate them clockwise. Line up 3 or more matching gems to clear them from the board.

Matching gems will fill your skill gauge. Rotating gems will fill your opponent's skill gauge. So think carefully before you make your move. When a skill gauge is filled, a random gem on the board will start to glow. Clear it from the board before the timer runs out to either execute one of your skills or block one of your enemy's skills! You can drag your mouse over the glowing gem to see what skill it will activate.


Puzzle BrawlerPuzzle Brawler

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